Guide to Digital Marketer Salaries

From entering the workforce as a digital marketing specialist to landing a leadership role as a media manager, the job market is full of opportunities for digital marketing professionals. LinkedIn included “digital marketing” on its list of skills companies need most in 2019; and with other more technical “hard skills” such as cloud computing and analytical reasoning included on the same list, it’s more important now than ever to be prepared for a career in digital marketing.

Pursuing a role in digital marketing can lead to an exciting and lucrative career. Digital marketers can find entry-level positions with starting salaries averaging around $55,000 per year, while working up toward an executive digital marketing manager position can result in a six-figure salary. Below we’ll provide a salary guide that digital marketing professionals can use to direct a successful career path.

Guide to digital marketing salaries

If your educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing, media and design, communications, information systems, or a similar discipline, you’ve likely considered a career in digital marketing. However, with the growth of digitization, many professionals have taken an interest in a digital marketing career, regardless of their background. A digital marketing career can include a variety of roles, such as: digital marketer, content strategist, content marketer, digital marketing strategist, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, digital public relations coordinator, and social media manager.

As a digital marketer, you have the potential to earn a competitive salary, even in an entry-level role. While your salary will depend on your job title, level of education, and years of experience in the field, digital marketers typically earn a salary of $70,000 per year, according to PayScale.

It’s important to find a marketing salary guide that provides a helpful context with respect to digital marketer salaries. The outline below includes: * Potential for digital marketing jobs * How digital marketers can excel and earn more * Entry- and senior-level salary ranges

Digital marketing manager jobs

The modern marketing career is fluid with digital marketers working in a number of industries, which can shift the focus on your day-to-day responsibilities. For example, if you work for a company that regularly links its articles on social media, you may be interested in a social media manager or community manager role. This particular job would require planning, implementing, and monitoring a social media marketing strategy, including customer engagement, content creation, and KPI evaluation. If you have an interest in marketing campaigns, you may end-up leading a company’s email marketing strategy, or working for a start-up as a product marketing manager.

Another career option as a digital marketer is to do freelance work, which has many benefits, such as flexibility and the opportunity to work for yourself. But it also requires hard work and discipline. If you choose to become a freelance consultant, your ability to create a strong digital marketing strategy will depend on the experience you’ve gained in previous positions and your ability to be an effective project manager. There are many content marketing and writing freelance jobs available on forums such as and We Work Remotely. You can also consider freelance work in the advertising and promotions industries.

How digital marketers can maximize their earnings

Digital marketers can earn more by performing well and delivering an ROI for their company’s marketing efforts. Working for a digital marketing agency requires knowledge of digital marketing services and buyer personas. With the right training and resources, marketing professionals can strengthen their digital marketing strategy and quickly become an asset to the company.

By increasing a company’s revenue, digital marketers will maximize their earnings: * They’ll have stronger job security: Digital marketers that are high performers and can document positive outcomes are more likely to keep a long-term job. * They’ll get more bonuses: Company bonuses are often driven by equity and performance. * They’ll earn a good reputation: Digital marketers earn a reputation for delivering profitable results, which increases the possibility for future opportunities and promotions.

Outlined below are some of the hard skills digital marketers should hone in order to be successful in the field and maximize their earnings.

Marketing analytics: The availability of large datasets has allowed companies to evaluate marketing performance to improve operational efficiencies and maximize the return on investment. Marketing analytics is the gateway to better insight so company leaders can make better business decisions.

Content marketing: Gaining visibility is critical to the success of many businesses. Developing valuable content that is targeted toward a specified audience persona can increase site traffic, increase audiences, and support brand reputation. Using search engine optimization (SEO) and link building allows your content to gain authority and will therefore show up when potential customers search for target keywords that are relative to a company’s product or service.

Branding: Customers’ perception of a company can make or break its success. Standing out as a unique supplier and grabbing potential customers’ attention is one of the many functions of branding. Branding puts consumers at ease by building trust and familiarity. Recognition, consistency, and connection are influential aspects of a branding strategy.

Social media marketing: Social media has changed the way people communicate and is also a great strategy for gaining visibility. A 2018 study found that 86 percent of people check their platforms once per day, and 72 percent use it multiple times per day. The average person will spend five years of their lives on social media.

Demand generation: Inbound marketing—a business methodology that forms connections through valuable content to attract customers—is a popular approach to demand generation. An inbound marketing strategy will nurture consumers through the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. Social media and email marketing campaigns, content marketing, SEO, and lead conversion are all potential pieces of an inbound marketing strategy that can lead to successful demand generation.

Starting salary for digital marketing

According to TechRepublic, there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals, especially with adults spend more than six hours per day interacting with digital media. Whether you’ve just initiated your marketing career, or have some experience under your belt, digital marketing professionals can find a number of entry-, mid-, and senior-level jobs that offer competitive salaries. Digital marketers can find entry-level digital marketing jobs on job boards such as AngelList, The Muse, and Flexjobs, and mid- to senior- level roles on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

Mondo’s 2019 Salary Guide provides average salary ranges for digital marketing roles in the following areas: * Analytics * Client services * Content and social * Creative design and production * Demand generation and marketing automation * SEO and SEM

The following list of roles provides salary insight into digital marketing roles at various seniority levels:

Title Low High
Proofreader 40,500 60,500
Social Media Specialist 45,000 65,000
Blogger 45,500 65,500
Web Production Artist 50,000 80,000
Marketing Communications Specialist 65,000 85,000
Web Editor 55,000 85,000
Marketing Coordinator 45,500 85,500
SEO or SEM Analyst 60,000 85,500
Motion Graphics Designer 50,500 90,500
Content Strategist 65,000 95,000
Graphic/Visual Designer 45,500 95,000
Interactive Designer 60,000 95,000
Web Producer 60,500 95,500
Digital Media Buyer 55,000 100,000
Digital Media Planner/Analyst 55,000 100,000
Community Manager 55,000 100,000
Copy Editor 45,500 100,000
Copywriter 45,500 100,000
Manager, Social Media Marketing 60,000 100,000
Presentation Specialist 50,000 100,000
Manager, Marketing Operations 60,000 110,000
Manager, Digital Marketing Communications 75,000 110,000
Technical Writer 60,000 110,000
Email Developer 45,000 110,000
Manager, SEO or SEM 80,000 110,000
SEO Specialist 60,000 115,000
Email Marketer 45,000 115,000
SEM/Paid Search Specialist 65,000 115,000
Big Data Analyst 85,500 115,500
Manager, Web Analytics 80,000 125,000
Digital Media Buyer 65,000 125,000
Web Designer 65,000 125,000
Manager, Demand Gen 90,000 125,000
Manager, Digital Marketing 65,000 130,000
Marketing Automation Specialist 85,000 130,000
Manager, Digital Media 75,000 130,000
Manager, PPC 90,000 130,000
Paid Search Strategist 90,500 130,500
Marketing Data/Web Analyst 55,000 135,000
Digital/Interactive Project Manager 75,000 135,000
UX/UI Designer 70,000 135,000
Mobile Product Manager 85,000 135,500
Product Manager 90,500 145,500
Production Manager 100,000 150,000
Manager, Marketing Automation 80,000 160,000
Google Analytics Expert 85,000 170,000
UX Specialist/Information Architect 110,000 175,000
Marketing Automation Architect 155,000 180,000

Mondo’s 2019 Salary Guide also provides the following average salary ranges for digital marketing executive roles:

Title Low High
Director, Social Media 75,000 130,000
Director, SEO/SEM 90,000 135,000
Director, Digital Marketing 105,000 140,000
Director, Digital Media 115,000 150,000
Director, eCommerce 115,000 150,000
Director, Interactive 110,000 175,000
Director, UX/UI 125,000 175,000
Director, Web Analytics 110,000 175,000
VP, Digital Marketing 135,000 200,000
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 165,000 250,000

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