Marketing in the Age of Personalization

Hands of a person typing on a laptop with a heading written Digital Marketing beside it

Personalization is the lifeblood of today’s digital marketing environment. Why does it matter? Watch “Marketing in the Age of Personalization” as Maria Blekher Ph.D., program director of the Katz School’s MS in Digital Marketing and Media Online program, covers what it is, why it’s vital, how it works, and where it’s headed.

Marketing personalization is the practice of surfacing products and offers to individuals based on their previous and expected behaviors. It’s an age-old concept in a new digital environment. In today’s consumer-driven world, sellers nurture consumers through the marketing funnel by first establishing a connection, then adjusting content and offerings per consumer, and ideally converting those consumer leads to sales.

Watch this webinar for details on:

  • Personalization and its applications in the modern sales environment
  • How predictive analytics enable companies to generate highly accurate recommendations based on behavior patterns
  • How machine learning allows for dynamic digital marketing based on online behavior
  • What digital DNA is
  • How personalization will continue to shape the future of marketing

Research shows that personalization is effective across all consumer demographics, and it’s only increasing in its value to both sellers and consumers. According to Dr. Blekher, we’re looking toward a future with systems that know consumers better than they know themselves.

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