The Science of Storytelling

A typing machine with a heading written Storytelling

Communication is the greatest challenge we face today. The solution? Storytelling. In “The Science of Storytelling” Jeffrey Nieman, professor of the Katz School’s MS in Data Analytics and Visualization Online program, explains that we often struggle to be understood.

In today’s scientific and technical climate, enormous amounts of viable data are present. Therefore, obtaining information is not the problem, but rather, we struggle with breaking down complex issues and communicating them in a manner that people can actually digest and understand.

Watch this webinar for details on:

  • The challenge of science: what we see vs. what we need to say
  • The solution of a story: where others have found success in storytelling and how to find content through common experiences
  • The science of a good story: defining key elements to be included in every story, and using the perfect formula to develop a storyline that is appealing to your audience

Research has proven the way storytelling changes our brains. Encouraging the audience to engage in a story rather than breaking down the facts, Nieman characterizes the act of storytelling as an ancient solution to our challenge of human connection.

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