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The Katz School’s online MS in Digital Marketing and Media equips you with essential marketing, media, communication, and data analytics skills to engage with digitally savvy consumers.

Designed for aspiring marketers and young professionals working in marketing-related fields, our MS program aims to give you the experience you would gain in a junior marketing role. Through project-based classes and hands-on marketing consulting experiences, we empower you to become a valued and respected marketing expert who produces data-driven results from Day One.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Priority Submit Deadline
June 29, 2020
Final Application Deadline
August 3, 2020
Classes Start
September 8, 2020

Who Should Apply

Breaking into marketing and media?

If you’re new to the field, but creative, passionate, and hardworking, a master’s degree from a top 100 university is a fast way in to a high-paying digital marketing career.

Looking for bigger opportunities?

If you’re already doing related work, a graduate degree can help you gain recognition at your current job, move to a new company, or increase your earning potential.

Need convenience and flexibility?

Finding the time to come to campus can be a challenge. With an online master’s program at Yeshiva, you can earn your degree from anywhere, on your schedule.

Transform your career while maintaining flexibility with our online MS

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Program Objectives

Set up for career success

Learn today’s in-demand techniques and technologies – to prepare for tomorrow’s emerging trends. Gain a competitive edge and outpace the competition.

Drive your company’s growth

Develop your skills and confidence, and enhance the contributions you make in your organization. Take a leadership role and increase your earning potential.

Turn your work into your passion

Every company and product needs a well-executed marketing strategy in order to grow. Lead the strategy for a winning product in an industry that matters to you, whether it’s technology, consumer brands, or non-profit.

Study on your schedule

With convenient and flexible online classes, you can complete your degree at a US News Top 100 University—after work, on the weekend, at home, or on the road.

Curriculum and Coursework

The MS in Digital Marketing and Media is a 10 course program. Each semester is 15 weeks and students will take one or two courses per semester. You will complete your degree in as little as 18 months.

Marketing Management and Strategy

Gain a solid foundation in modern marketing from a strategic, general management perspective. Concepts and techniques presented address competitive analysis, segmentation, positioning strategy, and marketing decisions that support an effective marketing strategy. To reflect the scope of today’s business world, the course examines marketing across diverse contexts and perspectives, including domestic and international, products and services.


Oral and written communication skills are critical to success in the marketing field. This course presents communication as integral to management and marketing strategy. This course introduces the basics of communication strategy: audience analysis, communicator credibility, message construction, and delivery. It will enhance your ability to design effective messages, from concept to delivery.

Brand Management

Develop a deep understanding of brand structure and its importance in marketing. We will focus on management of brand equity - the value of the brand to the organization. Specific topics include defining and measuring brand equity, branding a service, launching a new brand, brand positioning, building and leveraging a brand, strategic brand management, and brand extension.

Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has changed the conversation in consumer-focused marketing, and companies are successful when they use CRM to optimize the identification, acquisition, growth and retention of desired customers. This course provides students with a practical understanding of the issues that affect B2C and B2B relationships, including the psychological, social and cultural factors that influence consumer behavior. Students master best practices for successful CRM; they will also become skilled at leveraging technology for data management and application across an entire organization.

Marketing Research Methods

Marketing research is an organized way of developing and providing information for decision-making purposes. This course focuses on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing research and how they help managers in addressing substantive marketing problems such as market segmentation, estimating market potential, forecasting, developing advertising and pricing policies, and designing and positioning new products.

Web Analytics and SEO

Web analytics and SEO allow companies to achieve sales targets and overall business objectives. By tracking online visitors and analyzing their activities, marketers can refine their keyword strategies, and optimize digital properties to increase time on site and conversion rates. This course prepares students to effectively drive and measure web traffic using a variety of digital platforms. They will also explore how to aggregate and analyze data from different sources to make actionable recommendations.

Analytics Programming

Code-based solutions can be richer, more accurate, and more flexible than those that rely on off-the-shelf software and analytic packages. This course teaches the programming skills that data analysts need to prepare structured and unstructured data for downstream analysis. Students will learn to use high-level programming languages to create rich data analysis workflows.

Visual Design and Storytelling

Analysts must present their data in effective and compelling visualizations. This course combines the best heuristics for data presentation with hands-on experience in creating spreadsheet charts and data visualizations from a variety of source data. Students will learn how to combine text and visualizations to craft stories that promote deeper engagement with data analyses and conclusions.

Predictive Analytics

Effective marketers harness the power of big data to develop consumer insights and make data-driven decisions. This course introduces students to the application of statistical and research-based techniques that predict behavior. Students will analyze business problems and construct models to ensure effective marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Capstone Project

Integrates the skills developed in the previous classes into a comprehensive body of knowledge and provides tangible evidence of digital marketing and analytics competencies.


Complete an internship in a different industry or in your own company. You’ll work closely with your faculty mentor to get real on-the-job experience in digital marketing and media.

Meet Our Faculty

Maria Blekher, Ph.D., Program Director, MS in Digital Marketing and Media

Dr. Maria Blekher is the Director of Yeshiva University Innovation Lab, an Academic Program Director for Master in Digital Marketing and Media, and a clinical professor of Digital Strategies, in the Katz School of Health and Science. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Digital Strategies, teaching at the Sy Syms School of Business. Upon joining Yeshiva University, Dr. Blekher developed the unique course Business in the Israeli Environment for the Sy Syms School of Business. Dr. Blekher is also the founder of MadeInIsrael.Info—an online educational platform that connects the American Jewish community to Israel by providing information about Israeli business and brands. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Marketing from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

Joanne Tombrakos

Joanne Tombrakos is a Storyteller, Business Development and Digital Marketing Consultant, Personal Brand Advisor and Coach and Adjunct Professor who helps build brands in a multi-channel world. She believes in a digital-first approach that starts with getting your story straight. Joanna has held positions as an advertising executive at both the national and local level in sales and marketing for media giants including CBS and Time Warner, helping businesses use what we now consider traditional media to promote brand awareness and convert customers. She has been teaching Digital Marketing, Social Media and Real World Courses at NYUSPS since 2013. She holds an M.A from Temple University and a B.A. in Economics from Rider University.

William Wedo

William Wedo, M.J., MBA, is an accomplished content communications and marketing professional drawing from an extensive and diverse body of work in major arenas of print, online, nonprofit and education. As Director of Marketing and Communications for Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, he led marketing campaigns for national museum exhibitions and coordinated worldwide public relations efforts for scientific discoveries. At Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art, he helped build the educational start-up into a leading worldwide brand in the realist art community. There, he developed and executed integrated marketing efforts ranging from email newsletters and direct mail campaigns to Facebook Live painting demonstrations which drew tens of thousands of viewers. Previously, he was an award-winning journalist at the Dallas Morning News and a founding staff member of, the online home of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. He is an adjunct instructor in communications at Temple University’s Klein College of Advertising and Public Relations and a past Vice President/Communications of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association. Bill holds an MBA/Tech from West Chester (PA) University, a Master of Journalism from Temple University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Monmouth College.

The Job Market

There is increasing demand for marketing professionals who have a well-rounded skillset.


Total Job Postings


Median Salary


Projected Five-Year Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

While a quantitative background is helpful, our program does not assume prior knowledge in data and analytics. Instructors will provide any prep work that is required for a course. Our goal is to train you in the data and analytics skills that you will need to be a successful digital marketer.

Our graduates are expected to be creative problem-solvers who can develop and execute digital marketing strategies, identify digital and social media marketing opportunities, build overall brand awareness and engagement, analyze web and social media metrics and suggest solutions to boost presence, and drive desired outcomes. They apply their expertise in large corporations, small and mid-size agencies, and startups. Their knowledge is applicable in a variety of industry sectors including non-profits, healthcare, technology and finance, among others.

Some example positions include: Digital Marketer/Strategist; Social Media Marketer/Strategist; Digital/Social Media Marketing Analyst; Marketing and Operations Analyst; Market Research Analyst; Startup Founder; Brand Strategist.

The MS can be completed in 1.5-2.5 years. To earn your degree, you must complete 10 courses, including a capstone project. You may substitute an internship as an elective, with Program Director approval.

The program is offered part-time only, 6 credits per semester. You should expect to spend 6-8 hours each week per course. In addition, each course will meet live online weekly for approximately 60-75 minutes; typically held during weekday evenings Eastern Standard Time. Meetings will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Students in the program will participate in classes with an average class size of 15 students.

The total cost of tuition is $1,090/credit (total of $32,700). There is also a $55 application fee, $65 registration fee, and $125 technology fee.

The current deadlines are listed below:

  • April 15: Priority Scholarship Deadline
  • May 31: Priority Application Deadline (final date to use the application fee waiver code earlyadmit)
  • July 10: Final Application Deadline

You are not required to submit GRE or GMAT scores.

Yes. The resume should list a candidate’s relevant work experience, internships, research, awards, and/or publications, as well as educational history. A curriculum vitae (CV) is also accepted.

No, however our most competitive applicants have at least a 3.5 GPA. Applicants who have lower than a 3.0 GPA are encouraged to submit an optional statement discussing the lower GPA and how they plan to be successful in this program.

You may apply to a graduate program during your last term of undergraduate study. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript conferring your undergraduate degree within your first semester of study.

You must submit two letters of recommendation. We prefer one professional reference and one academic reference from a faculty member or academic advisor who is familiar with your work. If you have been out of school for more than two years, it is acceptable to submit two professional references.

You can apply without US citizenship, however we are unable to sponsor student visas for online programs.

Application fee waivers are available for applicants who qualify for one of the following:

Service-based Fee Waivers

Application fee waivers are available for applicants who have participated in one or more years of full-time service in the U.S. Military, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, City Year, or Teach for America. Documentation of proof of service is required.

Affiliate Fee Waivers

Students, staff, and alumni receive a fee waiver upon request.

Need-based Fee Waivers

If a student is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident with demonstrated financial hardship, they may request a waiver based on financial need. They must be able to provide proof that paying the fee would cause financial hardship. Acceptable documentation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Income tax returns
  • Current student financial aid statement
  • Proof of income statement

Applicants should submit a request for a fee waiver to with proper documentation. Waiver requests will be reviewed by the Office of Admissions and response notification will be sent within 10 business days.

Acceptance of transfer credits for graduate courses completed at another institution is determined by the academic department during the application review process.

After your application file is complete and all required information from your application checklist has been received, the Graduate Admissions Committee will review your file and make a decision. Decisions are made within a week or two after submission.

The Katz School’s deferral policy allows a student to defer their start date one time within one year of the original cohort they were admitted into. In order to defer, a student must first pay their deposit. After the deposit is made the student can then defer their start date Students who are unable to meet the deferral policy must re-submit their application.

All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships and graduate assistantships. You do not need to submit any additional information. Awards are determined during the application review process. Please contact us if you have questions about financial aid opportunities and financing your graduate degree. We would be happy to conduct a preliminary transcript review and discuss your admissions and financing options.

Yes. The Katz School’s online MS in Digital Marketing and Media is also offered on campus. To learn more visit: MS in Digital Marketing and Media.

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