We know that you want to develop the kinds of real-world expertise that employers expect. That’s why we’ve built hands-on experiences into our online master’s programs in the form of live online meetups, presentations, and breakout groups with classmates, as well as the chance to participate in on campus activities. You’ll complete readings and assignments prior to class to prepare lively classroom discussions. This is what we call the “flip model” approach to learning.
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Class Size

Intimate class sizes (an average of fifteen per class). This ensures you have lots of time with faculty and the chance to get to know your classmates on a first name basis.

Class Time

You should expect to spend 6-8 hours each week per course. In addition, each course will meet live online weekly for approximately 60-75 minutes; typically held during weekday evenings Eastern Standard Time. Meetings will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Class Structure and Feel

Live discussions, presentations, and breakout group sessions with fellow graduate students. We emphasize group work, collaboration, and a feeling of intimacy within our online classrooms.

Online Classroom

Our learning management system (LMS), Canvas, serves as students’ centralized hub for all course content and activities—think of Canvas as your college campus. Our students use this system to manage everything from asynchronous course content, course syllabi, assignments, and communication with instructors and peers. As a student, you will use Canvas to submit assignments, take quizzes, and keep track of your schedule. You will be able to see your professor and vice versa during real-time discussions and lectures and live class sessions can include polling, in-class chats and break out rooms. Additional functions include audio and text commenting as well as participation and collaboration through asynchronous video.

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Student Support Services


You can connect with your professors during regular faculty office hours, which are open to all students.

Student Success Coaches

Your personal student success coach will offer support from orientation through graduation. Coaches will also work with you to connect at the most convenient time for you.

Community Forum

In our virtual student union, you can participate in study groups and engage in discussions about hobbies and mutual interests with peers, faculty, and administrators.